Guided By Voices — Class Clown Spots A UFO (2012)

Исполнитель: Guided By Voices
Альбом: Class Clown Spots A UFO
Год записи: 2012
Жанр музыки: Indie, Alt.Rock
Страна: USA
Музыкальный формат: MP3
Качество: V0
time 41:17

01. He Rises! (Our Union Bellboy)
02. Blue Babbleships Bay
03. Forever Until It Breaks
04. Class Clown Spots a UFO
05. Chain To The Moon
06. Hang Up and Try Again
07. Keep It In Motion
08. Tyson’s High School
09. They and Them
10. Fighter Pilot
11. Roll Of The Dice, Kick In The Head
12. Billy Wire
13. Worm w 7 Broken Hearts
14. Starfire
15. Jon the Croc
16. Fly Baby
17. All Of This Will Go
18. The Opposite Continues
19. Be Impeccable
20. Lost In Space
21. No Transmission

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