The Missing Season — The Last Summer (2012)

Исполнитель: The Missing Season
Альбом: The Last Summer
Год записи: 2012
Студия: My Little Cab Records
Жанр музыки: Indie Pop Rock, Indie Folk, Acoustic
Музыкальный формат: mp3
Качество: 320 kbps
time 45 min 10 sec
Размер файла: 104.49 mb

01. Leaving For Good
02. Could It Be
03. Moonshine
04. Walking In The Snow
05. Let You In
06. Tomorrow Cannot Start
07. I Know A Place
08. Mystic Candle
09. Playing With Your Heart
10. A Difficult Question To The Weary Traveler
11. In The Valley

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